Monday, October 14, 2013

How I Organize DVDs

I have never liked the look of DVD cases lined or piled up on a shelf and had always hoped I would get that mess under control.  One day, while watching a favorite channel of mine, QVC, I came across the Discgear 120 disc holder and I haven't looked back since.  This system was definitely what I had been looking for.

The concept is simple and once you have the initial set up complete, it's easy to update whenever you get a new DVD.  To set it up, you just place your DVDs in the slots.  As you place them in, you record which number slot is which DVD title.  The unit comes with blank sheets numbered 1-120 for you to fill in by hand or you can print them out using the Discgear website.  I opted to use the website.  You create a user name and just type everything in.  Then it is stored so that you can easily come back and add to or change the list whenever need be.  Here is the sheet that goes into the actual unit.

It also comes with a book for you to put all of the DVD covers into.  I love this for my children.  They can just page through the book and SEE which options they have to choose from.

There are 1-120 numerical stickers that also came with this unit.  These go on each individual cover in the book.  So, say you want to watch "The Little Mermaid Ariel's Beginning."  You see that it is #52.

You then slide the selector button to #52 and push what I call the "pop up" button.  And it grabs the exact disc that you wanted.

 Here is a screen shot of the website where you can edit your list.

Another neat feature is a built in light, just in case you want to choose a new movie without having to turn the lights back on, or just to help you read your menu a little more easily.

We keep this unit, along with the book, on a shelf underneath the TV in our living room.  We are at just about 120.  Soon I will be ordering a new one.  I am also contemplating ordering one for just video games.  Maybe one of their units that holds less.  I think they have one that holds 50.  I like this look MUCH better than all of those unattractive cases for sure!  

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