Saturday, August 22, 2015

Organized Homework Station, Office & Command Center

It's back to school time in our neck of the woods and we are pretty set as far as homework and school supply organization go.  I thought I would share our homework area, "office" and command center. Basically, they are all one area in our home.  My kids do their homework at our kitchen table.  The table is right next to my "office," and most of the homework supplies are in our laundry room which is right off of the kitchen.  Sorry that some of the picture are a bit dark, as I took them later in the evening.

On top of my desk is a magazine file where I keep my receipt accordion and a few file folders with different items in them, the printer, a small desk organizer, pens and our tablets.  The white wall system is from Pottery Barn and I absolutely love it!  The calendar has all of our sports, events and appointments on it, while the board on the other wall is where I put invitations, birth announcements, photos, etc.

I keep a container of wipes here simply because I have four children under the age of 8.  I use these every single day, so it's handy to have them right near the kitchen table.  

I shop too much and I return things just as much.  Therefore, it's imperative that I save all of my receipts and keep them organized in this accordion file.  

The cabinets under the desk hold all of my office supplies.  That includes extra supplies such as tape and staples, printer supplies, computer software, small electronics, hole punchers, blank CDs, my laminator, notebooks, binders, sheet protectors, folders, printer paper, cardstock, construction paper, etc.  

Pardon the ugly magazine files.  I had other labels on them before and they ripped during removal.  

All of the kids' supplies and arts and crafts are in our laundry room.  I keep the majority of it in our 9-drawer Alex unit from Ikea.  This is where they can pull from when doing arts and crafts at home.  I have a separate container of supplies that are specifically for refilling their school pencil boxes throughout the year.  The blue container on top of the shelves is their new homework caddy.  

Crayons, markers and pencils.

All types of glue, including a hot glue gun in the pencil case.  




Miscellaneous arts and crafts.

The bottom three drawers are for coloring and activity books.  

 I keep all of their pencil box refills in this two-tier container.  I also have the pencil sharpener plugged in behind this shelf.  That little container in the back is for collecting Box Tops.  

This thing is well stocked.  The kids are constantly being asked to bring new supplies in throughout the year.  I refill everything as needed.  

This year I also decided to put together a homework caddy.  I plan to set it on the table during homework time.  This way they should have what they need right there and then I can just put it back in the laundry room when they're done.  I found this caddy at Target and it's perfect!  I just popped in a few mason jars to hold the pencils and markers.  

Lastly is the kids' command center.  I did a complete post about this here.  You don't see their backpacks there yet, but the kids hang them on these hooks when they get home each day.  The Thirty One wall organizer is where I keep all of their calendars, newsletters, reminders and homework.  This year I will have a 2nd grader, 1st grader and a preschooler.  They each have a pocket for their homework.  I usually take everything out of their backpacks when we get home and stick any homework in their pockets until we have homework time.  

It's in the perfect spot, as we often come in through the garage and they can hang up their backpacks right away.  

That about sums it up!  Our whole setup worked out really well last year, so I have high hopes that this year will be the same.  I feel very prepared as far as school supplies and a homework "station" go.  Best of luck to all of the kids, parents and teachers embarking on a new school year!

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