Monday, September 30, 2013

Organized Linen Closet & First Aid

Our linen/bathroom closet is a narrow closet in our hallway.  There isn't a closet in our bathroom, so everything has to be put in here.  The only actual linens in here are our bath towels and wash cloths.  We only have one change of sheets per bed and they are kept in the bedrooms. In this closet, we keep any bathroom essentials that aren't currently being kept in the shower or the vanity drawers.  This is usually stuff like extra shampoo, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.  Other items we keep in here are sunscreens, travel and sample size products, extra cotton balls and q-tips, nail polish and makeup bags.  We also keep the first aid supplies in this closet.  Here is a full view of the linen closet.

And some closer views

I keep my nail polish essentials in a small plastic drawer container that I picked up from Target.  I also keep this green folding stool in this closet so that I can reach the top shelf when I need to, or to easily grab when I need to reach something high in any room at this end of the house.

We also keep all of the first aid items in this closet with the exception of medications.  We keep medicine in a kitchen cabinet.  To organize these items I used a plastic divider bin and a fabric bin from the Itso line at Target.  I am not sure if the divider piece is intended to set on the fabric bins, but it worked out for this purpose.

And that is about it for the linen closet.  It's small, but it works.  The size kind of keeps us from overbuying when it comes to toiletries.  I love my solution for the first aid items.  Before we had band-aids and ointments floating all over this closet.  It was a mess.  Now we can see exactly where everything is and it's in a spot that's easy for adults to reach, but high enough that the kids can't get to it easily.  Do you keep your first aid in your linen closet?  Is your linen closet strictly for linens?

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