Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bathroom Organization

Our hall bathroom (and basically the only bathroom in our house that we actually use on a daily basis) is pretty tiny.  But in order to cater to the needs of 6 people, you better believe that it is mighty.  The only storage we have is 3 drawers in the vanity and an etagere behind the toilet.  I feel like with that small amount of storage, it should be easy to keep organized.  Well that was not the case before I made a few changes.  Here are a few before shots of our messy shelves and drawers.

The larger drawer wasn't TOO bad, but it needed to be cleaned out a bit.  I have the left side and the middle section.  My husband has the right.  In this drawer I keep my hair products and tools, some lotions and a few miscellaneous things.  In the center I keep my daily face products and deodorant.  My husband keeps razors, cologne, hair gel, shaving cream and deodorant in his side.  

We keep tooth care items in the small left drawer.

I was keeping most of my makeup in the small right drawer, but it was a disaster to say the least.  I could never find anything and my poor brushes were being destroyed.  Oh, the horror!  

So I purchased some acrylic cosmetic containers at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I went through everything and got rid of outdated and broken makeup.

The only place the containers were going to fit was on a shelf on the etagere.  I purchased this one from Bed Bath & Beyond a little over two years ago.  Here's how it ended up when I put everything back.

Here are some close ups of the containers.

I really love it so much more than when it was in that tiny drawer!  I can actually see all of my makeup now.  It's obviously so much easier to find things and since it's organized so nicely, I don't mind having it on display for all to see.  As for the old makeup drawer, it now stores my makeup palettes, nail clippers, magnifying mirrors, tweezers, etc.  

The bottom shelf of the vanity is where we keep extra rolls of toilet paper and the children's stool.  The scale stays tucked neatly on the floor beneath that shelf.  We keep magazines in a magazine basket between the vanity and the toilet.  

In the shower, we have a corner caddy for all of the essentials and we have a little bucket that is attached to the wall for the bath toys.  Please don't mind the soap scum wall.  I JUST cleaned it and dries like that.  I am about to search Pinterest for a solution.  Like.  Right.  Now.

There you have it.  Our small, yet functional and organized bathroom.  P.S.  If you noticed that the after picture has a different wall color than the before, my wonderful husband is to blame.  He touched up some areas with a completely different color paint only to realize that we don't have anymore of the original color left.  So, he ended up repainting the whole bathroom.  Oh, men!

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  1. I see Jose Marin souffle? or body creme, how do you like it, Ive really wanted to try it!
    Your organization looks great by the way!

    1. Thank you so much! I LOVE the Josie Maran body cream. My mom got them from QVC as a gift for me. They smell amazing as well!

  2. I cannot live without my Queen Anne's Mint Julep Mask!! I used to think I hated those over-the-toilet organizers, but yours is stylish! And it doesn't stand out from the rest of the finishes in your bathroom.

    Thanks for the inspiration, we are a family of six using one bathroom too : )

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yeah, if I had a bigger bathroom, I probably wouldn't have chosen storage over the toilet either. Since we have limited storage, it is a must have and it's been working out perfectly.

  3. late to the party but please please please tell me you disinfect your brushes before putting them on your face if you're storing them overtop the toilet!

    1. I had a similar question on my Pinterest post. I clean them regularly, just as often as I would clean them if I stored them anywhere else. I don't have much drawer space and I suppose they wouldn't be much "safer" on the sink, considering we have such a small bathroom. Anyway, I can assure you that I have never had any bouts of bad skin or gotten sick from my brushes being stored over the toilet, and this has been in place for well over a year. No worries. :)

  4. Where did you find the 4 tier shower organizer? i can only find 3 tier ones!

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