Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Wrapping Station

I suppose I am a bit late with this post considering that Christmas is 11 days away, but I am finally ready to start wrapping as far as being almost done with shopping is concerned.  I decided that I would share my wrapping station with you in case you need some inspiration.  I have done a post on my scrapbooking/wrapping area before, but today I will just give a quick refresher on how my wrapping essentials are organized.  This is my little corner in the basement.  Unfortunately, it's hard to get a good picture without my husband's weights making an appearance, but you get the idea.  

I do the majority of my scrapbooking at the desk on the right and I do wrapping on the desk to the left and all over the floor, of course!  Most of my wrapping supplies are in the cubbies on the left side of my IKEA Expedit, so it makes sense.  I store a lot of stuff in magazine files such as tissue paper, sheets of wrapping paper, cellophane bags and sheets of gift tags.  Most of my gift boxes fit neatly here as well.

I keep my greeting cards in plastic container divided by occasion.

On my desktop, I have the necessary scissors, pens, markers, tape, etc.  

I keep almost all of my Christmas gift bags in an organizer on a door.  I keep wrapping paper rolls in a large container that I picked up at Target.  Obviously, I am still lacking in the Christmas wrapping paper area.  I absolutely LOVE this container because it is tall enough to accommodate those really long rolls of wrapping paper.  I also love that it has a flip-up lid for easy access.   I have a smaller, similar container for my non-Christmas wrapping paper.

In the armoire to the left of my desk, I keep all of my non-Christmas gift bags.  I also store some gifts in here throughout the year.  Whenever I buy something that I plan to give for a future birthday, I store it in here.

I also have a rolling gift wrap cart which is great for smaller rolls of wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, bows, tissue paper and gift bags.  I love that I can roll it over to wherever I am wrapping whether it be at my desk or somewhere else in the room where I need floor space to wrap something.  My cart is from the Recollections collection at Michael's.  

Other than needing to run to the store to stock up on actual wrapping paper, my wrapping station is ready to go!  Where do you do your holiday gift wrapping?  Are you ready or do you still have to do the shopping part yet? 

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