Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Fix Friday - Medicine (Kitchen) Cabinet

Welcome to my second Quick Fix Friday!  Today I will be showing you how I organized our medicine cabinet.  This is not your traditional medicine cabinet, but a kitchen cabinet in which we store our medicine!  In here we keep all of the child medications, adult medications, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements.  Here is the before and then a completely clean slate..

First thing was to sort them into categories and weed out anything that was almost empty or expired.  We had more than enough dosage caps (that's what they're called, right??), so I threw out some of those as well.  I decided to keep all of my husband's supplements on the top shelf, but just straightened them up a little.

The middle shelf received a lazy susan for all of our vitamins and I put the few prescription medications to the right of that.

I sorted the remainder of the medications into three categories:  Children's Medicine, Aches & Pains and Cough & Congestion.  I put them into containers and labeled them.

They fit perfectly on the bottom shelf.  One of the smaller containers has to be in the back, but no big deal.  

And now at least TWO of my kitchen cabinets are organized the way I want them to be!  You can see how I organized the cabinet under my kitchen sink here.

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