Sunday, March 9, 2014

Organized Entryway

I have really been wanting to start my spring cleaning lately.  There are great posts all over blog land about it.  I should really stop reading and start cleaning.  I did deep clean our main bathroom yesterday, but today I really only had time for the usual weekend cleaning routine.  I did a small organization project in our entryway today.  Well, not so much a project, but just re-organizing of our shoe cabinet that sits right inside our front door. 

It's the Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA.  We bought it a few years back and it has worked out really well for this space.  My husband had to put some "feet" on it in order for it to fit over our heater.  It has a small drawer at the top and two pull out cabinets that are meant to hold shoes.  In the top, I put 6 small baskets that I purchased from the Dollar Spot at Target.  I got that great idea from one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing.  Jen's post about her shoe cabinet drawer can be found here.  In our drawer we keep a flashlight, a lighter, sunglasses, gum, some notepads and pens, hand sanitizer and a few hair ties and clips.  

My husband keeps his shoes in his closet (and all over the house!), mine are in my closet, and my older daughter keeps hers in a larger drawer under her daybed in her room.  So this shoe cabinet is mainly for my three younger children.  Sometimes I keep my most used sneakers or flip flops in here as well.  

On top of the cabinet I just have a family photo, a candle and a plate where my husband drops his keys and wallet.  It's perfect for our small entryway!  The top drawer was pretty messy before today.  I threw a bunch of stuff away and only kept what we actually need to have in here.  I also took all of the shoes out today so that I could vacuum out and wipe down the drawers.  

All better!  Are you guys doing any spring cleaning these days?

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