Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Advent Calendar

December 1st is literally right around the corner, so I had to get my Advent calendar up this weekend.  Normally, I have been using this chalkboard to track our seasonal to do list, but I really wanted to try the Advent calendar this year.  Check out Pinterest and you will find endless ideas on how to make your own.  This is my take.  I picked up a few supplies from Michael's and JoAnn's and I was ready to go.  The idea is that inside of each day's envelope there will be a fun, Christmas-y type of activity planned for the children to do.  Most are as simple as coloring a Christmas picture, taking a family photo in front of the tree, doing a Christmas craft, baking cookies, watching a Christmas movie or "bigger" things like a trip to Build A Bear and a visit to our local lights show.  I planned everything out on a blank calendar sheet first and if it looks like something won't work out for a certain day, I can always switch the cards out.  I went with the "easier" stuff for work/school days and the more time consuming activities on the weekends or my vacation days.  My calendar is 24 days since they know what happens on the 25th.  :)

My envelopes are actually miniature paper bags.  I numbered them with some red ink and numerical stamps.  I hung them from ribbon and a mini garland using tiny clothespins.  

I wrote the activities on little tags and made them a little festive by adding some Christmas washi tape.  I popped them in the paper bags, added some wooden ornaments and some cute Christmas tags and I was done!  Super easy!  

My chalkboard is always in the same place in our dining room.  I just added some garland, lights and candles to make it more festive.  I also swapped out our family beach picture canvas with a Christmas wreath.  I scored this wreath at Michael's last year.  It was $2 during an after season sale.  Love that!

I am in love with this thing and I am just as excited about it as the kids are.  It's super pretty and festive and was simple to make.  As my son says, "easy peasy, lemon squeezy!"  Have you been working on any DIY projects for this holiday season?  

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