Sunday, January 26, 2014

Organized Spices

The other day, I showed you our organized baking cabinets and told you how I was following along with an organization challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons.  The latest project was the spice cabinet.  You can read her post here.  I used most of her ideas and love the results!  My husband is the cook in our family and when he saw me taking all of the spices out of the cabinet, he said "you know you don't need to organize what you don't use."  Well, I did it anyway, and he approves!  We had been keeping all of our spices in the cabinet to the right of our stove.  After seeing Toni's (the blogger over at A Bowl Full of Lemons) cute spice jars in a drawer, I decided to utilize the drawer to the right of our stove for spices as well.

I picked up 12 of the same spice jars that Toni uses and a few other jars from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I took 15 of the spices we had in the cabinet and put them in these jars.  I labeled them with Martha Stewart labels and my label maker.  They turned out great!

To organize the cabinet, I purchased two tiered shelf organizers from Beth Bath & Beyond.  I asked my husband which things he uses the most and put them closest to the front on each shelf.  And without the 15+ containers that I moved into the jars, there was a lot more space in the cabinet.  He even let me *gasp* throw away some stuff.  

I am so happy with the result of this little makeover.  Maybe one day I will go into this cabinet and drawer for a reason other than to organize them!  Maybe!  :)

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  1. Spices in a drawer, never thought of it but I really like it. The jars are adorable!


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